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Scoobert Doo Hernandez

December 23, 2018

On May 25th 2007 just 2 days after getting our first apartment since moving to Florida in August of 2006. I decided to get my husband a dog. I searched the newspaper classified ads looking for the perfect dog.That's when I found Scooby Doo aka Scoobert Esquire Doo Hernandez. I can't remember what they had been calling him but I remember picking him up like it was yesterday. It was a hot day and he was laying under the shade of a tree. When I called him he immediately jumped in my car, like "ok, let's go new mommy!" He was about a year and a half old. When I pulled up to our apartment my husband, who had been pestering me all day about my whereabouts, came out and as soon as I opened the car door Scooby ran to him immediately. It was perfect. Since then we had some ups and some downs. The first day we left him alone, I came home to find him wondering the apartments. We found out that he knew how to open the door. I locked myself out of that very apartment and Scooby Doo let me back in, even though I had scolded him for opening the door and he hadn't touched it since then. In 2009 Scooby Doo met Lady, my brother's dog. They were a perfect match and got along great. Together they had two litters of 15 puppies each. Out of the first litter we kept 2 puppies Scrappy Doo and Bella Doo the first. Sadly we lost them to parvo at 6 months old. Out of the second litter we kept only one which we named Bella Doo the second. Bella, Scooby, and Lady were very close along with our other pup Casper. Unfortunately both Bella Doo the second and Lady preceded Scooby in death with Bella passing from a brain tumor in 2014 and Lady passing from cancer in early 2018. Around 10 PM on December 23rd we lost our first baby though. He had been very sick lately with what we believed to be prostate cancer. Although we knew it was coming it still hurts and we are deeply saddened. He was about 13 years old and had lived a full life full of love and family. In the end we are happy he is no longer in pain and has crossed the rainbow bridge. Please pray for us and join us in celebrating his life R.I.H Scoobert Esquire Doo Hernandez 2004/2005-12/23/2018

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