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Gracie Cole

Gracie came into our lives about 9 years ago while  I was caring for my mother.  Mom was in the yard when a stray puppy and her mother began hanging around.  Just a few days later, we Mom took Gracie into our home.

  She was a cute little thing.  She was the Queen of the house until I brought my dog Baron home.  He was a Shepherd/Akita mix, and very Alpha.  He got along well with Gracie until his passing in October 2012.  I had another dog, Lucky, a Beagle mix.  He and Baron were ‘brothers’, and so he became a brother to Gracie.  With Baron’s passing, Lucky was finally the Alpha Male ���  He and Gracie got along well, then I lost my mother in January 2015, and Lucky in March 2018.

   Gracie walked the Rainbow Bridge on 30 October 2018.  As with our other FurKids, she brought a lot of joy to our lives.  I will get another doggy furkid, but not too soon.

  Gracie’s cremains are now on my entertainment center with Baron and Lucky.  I miss them all.  I still celebrate Baron’s birthday and the day of his passing every year.  I’ll now be doing the same with Lucky and Gracie.

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