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Gimli Jent

August 12, 2018

Gimli-Just Awesome!                              

Gimli passed away peacefully at home, on Sunday, August 12, 2018. He was with his mom, dad, and uncle BeBo. He was adopted on July 3, 2008 by his forever family. Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue was their previous caretakers. He was originally from Kentucky. Gimli was at least 12 years of age. Gimli quickly became a type of dog any owner would be proud to have. Our first memory of Gimli was of course the day we met. We went to the pet place where Northern Lights was to bring him. We stood just inside the door and when the foster dad brought him in, he literally jumped up on Rick-it was then we knew he would be ours. We all took turns with him around the store and received many kisses from him. He had a quick wit about him and would always make a new friend when anyone would come by. He liked to meet people on his two legs just like a human. He already knew how to sit, and could open doors when he wanted to. He had an easy going style but if he had a problem with you he would give you an evil eye. He loved everyone. He loved his vets, his friends at Sleepy Hollow, and his groomers. Groomers would often say they wished they had more dogs like him because he was so mellow. Gimli had many hobbies. He loved to run but he especially loved to go camping with Rick, car rides, and his dog walks with his Uncle Bebo. He liked to go to the park with Marissa and go down the slides. He loved swimming and loved to try to get a fish. One story was when we went camping and his mom was walking him by the pond, his daddy Rick was fishing and had caught a fish. When he threw the fish back in the water, Gimli made a bee-line for it causing his mom to literally fall on her stomach. It was really funny. He didn’t want to give up the chance of catching that fish but he came back to check to see if she was ok. When most dogs would hate a crate; Gimli loved his. His favorite sleeping position was with all four legs up in the air while he was on his back. He would rarely bark. Instead, Gimli would howl especially “I love you.” Although Gimli loved people, he was wary of strangers. He would often be found sitting outside with Rick when a solicitor would come up the walkway. Gimli would just have to stand up to intimidate the solicitor. In which most always-they would leave very quickly. Gimli was definitely a protector for his family. At one point, Gimli even laid beside his sister Alicia when she was in the beginning stages of a seizure, protecting her from hitting her head near the TV. Gimli became a pack leader, when in 2010 his family brought home two 4-week old Pomeranian puppies; Hershey and Max. Soon to follow, was another puppy; Axle. These two could be considered partners in crime. They all loved each other very much. Gimli would always let the boys play on top of him. The quickest way to Gimli’s heart-was honestly to his stomach. He loved food. It didn’t matter if it was a hamburger, piece of cheese, hot dog, steak, or just a small treat...he loved to eat. He also loved his toy pigs to play with. No other toy would do. Gimli will be missed by all who came in contact with him but most especially his family. Although the pain is great, it would never compare to having never having him in their lives. Northern Lights put it; Gimli is just awesome! Gimli leaves behind his mother Michele, Daddy Rick, Sisters Marissa and Alicia, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Bebo; his pack, Hershey, Max, and Axle; and many other amazing family and friends. Per family’s request-if you have a pet-especially a dog, give them all the hugs and love you can. If you don’t, consider adopting one. They are simply amazing.  We love you Gimli. Thank you for being Just Awesome!

Love Always, Your family

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