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Charlie Little Man Ferguson

October 19, 2018 ~ October 1, 2018

Charlie "Little Man" was our first male dog, that came to us around the time of the Super Bowl in 2003. My dad was informed that some young boys were chasing a small black puppy around in the snow and the puppy hid under a tree. My dad found our sweet boy huddled up in a ball in a patch of grass under a fir tree trying to stay safe and warm. Dad picked him up and took him to his police department where he made a make-shift bed for him in a holding cell, with a small Curious George plush that was the size of the puppy. Dad called mom and I to come get him so he wouldn't be stuck in the holding cell all night. When we picked him up, it was love at first sight. He fit in the palm of my hand, and when we took him home, he would sleep on my pillow next to my head. Charlie became the little brother to 3 other female dogs we had. He was a goofy, bouncy, stinky, yappy, little ball of fur that thought he was bigger than everyone. We weren't sure we could really handle 4 dogs all together so we brought him to the PetsMart for one of their adoption events, but quickly realized that when you can't eat your dinner because you're too concerned if someone else really will take care of him. So we raced back to scoop him up before anyone else could and took him back home where he began a new life filled with lots of challenges but more love and laughs than we ever realized we could have for a dog. Charlie eventually developed grand maul seizures that were quite traumatic. We never found the reason for them and couldn't understand what triggered them but luckily after experiencing so many of them, we could watch his movement to understand when he'd have one. Mom was the researcher who ended up finding the best possible medicine along with a new diet that would lessen and eventually eliminate his seizures. Charlie went on to live a life full of cheese cubes (for his medicine), walks through the parks and around the local hospital with his favorite magical door, ice cream cones, truck rides, wrestling with his sisters, flinging toy chickens, swimming in the pool, Mutt Strut walks, eggs and bacon breakfasts, napping in front of fans and in his own bay window, puppy nose print art on the windows, Tommy Turkey dances at Thanksgiving, pupcakes for birthdays, watermelon and tomato eating, getting treats from Delectable Dane and Three Dog Bakery, snoozing with daddy after mom left for work, playing fetch with his alligator toy, and enjoying being spoiled by everyone. He loved his sisters, but after they had all passed on later in life, it became just him, mom, and dad. I had moved away for a job and would come to visit as much as I could. I saw the grey in his muzzle start becoming more prominent. My little boy was becoming my little old man. His walks became shorter, and his energy wained here and there. But he was still feisty and full of spunk. It wasn't until almost 2 months til his 15th birthday that he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and tumor in his neck. Though we didn't want to let him go, we could see it in his sweet eyes that our boy was tired. He knew it was time to let go and be with our girls over the Rainbow Bridge. We gave him one last good day filled with eggs and bacon, unlimited cookies, sliced turkey and an ice cream cone at the park. Hugs and kisses and "such a sweet boy" were endless but never seemed enough. On October 1, 2018, we, along with his favorite vet, Dr. Geckler, helped Charlie cross the Rainbow Bridge. Our sweet little man may not be with us in the physical sense, but he is forever in our hearts and our thoughts daily. We believe he is with his sisters running free and living pain and cancer free. We miss you everyday baby boy, but we love you and will see you again when it's our time. 

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