Celebration of Life

Honey Shields

January 22, 2024


Peyton Hernandez

December 29, 2023

 He was such a good boy! Peyton loved to be vacuumed! He loved digging holes. Loved chasing geese! He loved playing with lights (or chasing lights!) The only dogs I knew him to actually play with were Disney (my sister Angela F. Byers Guth doggo), Luna (our good girl we lost 2 years ago), my […]


Joey “Jo-Jo” King

December 27, 2023

We got Joey from Central Indiana Labrador Rescue and Adoption (CILRA).  Joey was so smart and a bundle of love. He would watch for the Ice Cream Truck and we would get him a small cone. He loved his ice cream, food and snacks! What a chow hound! He loved everyone who visited. Friends brought a puppy over and Joey loved […]


Mahoney Davenport

December 15, 2023

” I understand completely. Now what do you mean?” – Slip Mahoney Mahoney entered our lives sometime in 2009. The way that such a perfect cat could have simply found us makes one believe fate exists. Quickly adopted, he became not just a cat but a core member of our family as well as a […]


Boosie Marie “Boosie Lucy”

November 30, 2023

On the date of November 30, 2023 our old sweet girl Boosie peacefully passed away.  She came into our family on February 14, 2014. She was such a sweet and happy dog that made so many wonderful, amazing and fun memories in our family between her good days and her not so good days as […]


NellA Swinford

August 25, 2023

Our beloved family fur-member NellA Swinford was born on 11/12/13.  She was rescued from Indiana Bulldog Rescue and we welcomed NellA into our home on 12/11/2016.  She allowed many other fosters and visitors in and out of her home throughout her years.  She became close to her adopted siblings, Louis and Snowball.  NellA was full […]


Jackson “Kitty Boy” Cole Harris

August 8, 2023

Early 8-8-2023 our beautiful Jackson crossed the rainbow bridge.  13 years of snuggles, hugs and kisses will never be enough to fill the hole that he has left in our hearts. Jackson was the first member to join our family on February 14, 2010, when he was adopted from IACC. He loved his little brothers, […]



July 20, 2023

Leo, Bub, Leonardo, Bubba, Mister, Beebee, baby, Leebug, Happy feet. 10 years with you was not nearly long enough. You brought so much love and joy to everyone, but especially your mom and dad. We grew up with you just as much as you did us. You were there for everything; every move, every celebration, […]


CoCo “Coconut” Miles

July 3, 2023

My little CoCo aka Coconut crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 3rd 2023. I remember thinking the day I brought her home that she was gonna be a handful but I refused to take her back. She was the funniest dog I’ve ever owned but I swear she was the devil dog, lol.  I would […]


Rex Gaedtke

June 27, 2023

Rex was the BEST boy!! He was the best brother to our 10 year old daughter  her whole life and his other 2 furry brothers. Rex LOVED swimming, was the boss of the house and loved his family so much. Rex became paralyzed May of 2022 and overcame it to walk again when we were […]


Mia Hammons

June 20, 2023

Mia became a part of our family in 2019 she was a rescue from animal control . The day we picked her up she was scared and very timid she had just been spade that day. Mia loved to play ball, go for walks and also go down the street to play with her friend […]


Gracie “Meatloaf” Adams

June 7, 2023

  Gracie was the bestest friend anyone could ask for. Needed a cuddle buddy? She was there. Need a shoulder to cry on? She was your girl. Needed someone to clean the leftovers on your plate? She was on it. Gracie lived a long and beautiful life growing up in Arizona and finishing it out […]


Mackinaw “MAK”

April 28, 2023

Mak was a kind soul and a good friend. Nancy Noel said it best: “I have been blessed with a companion that moves when I move, here’s my every breath, and waits patiently for my return, celebrates my joy, response to my sadness, and fills my life with devotion.” Mak, you’ll be dearly missed.


Baby – Bey

April 12, 2023

I was lucky to have two Mommies that kissed my smooshie face. A sister to play with even in my slowing pace. My life was full of love and “snackies” that could be measured by the pound. Never was there a stranger ever to be found. Now I sleep peacefully and run like I’m young. […]


Sadie “Sadie Baby” Shepherd

April 3, 2023

Sadie was only in my life a very short while, but her presence felt like a lifetime. In just a few weeks, she became my dog, because, she chose me to become her human. Thank you so much Sadie, for the love and happiness you gave me your last few weeks and days. Thank you […]


Max Parsons

March 26, 2023

Welcome to Max’s page.   Our little man has finally passed over the rainbow bridge to run free.  His teeth are fully restored, his legs work, and he can breathe easy again.  He was 20+ years old and beside his 2 dad’s, he leaves behind 2 sisters and a younger brother, who miss him very […]


Max Royal

March 22, 2023

He was a sun bather, partner in crime. He is so missed! Traveled the country for the US Air Force